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College is amazingly fun, don't get me wrong, but I do get homesick from time to time. I especially miss my family. It's kind of a pain having to call my Dad whenever I need advice, instead of walking into his room, and it's weird not having my Mom to joke around with. I miss my older-younger sister pretending like she knows everything, and my younger-younger sister acting like a fool. But what I was missing most yesterday was my completely strange and indescribable brother... And so I made this for him.

Sister and the Missionaries

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At the end of our New Student Orientation here at BYU, they had a mini-concert by some band whose name I've forgotten. However, as I walked in, I thought "Hey, wouldn't Sister and the Missionaries be a great name for a band?"
As I discussed it with my friend, we created what's below. And then my Dad pointed out that the whole band idea probably wasn't terribly reverent... But, the design was nice. So, although we're going to have to come up with a new band name, you too can revel in our design success.


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One Friday night, Braiden decided he wanted to get dressed up and go out on the town. So, he got dressed up with his three friends, and set out to find out the meaning of "going out on the town". He stumbled upon a charming malt shop with a delicious butter-brickle shake, a jukebox and various vintage decorations. Then the idea hit him--They should host swing dancing here!
Unfortunately for Braiden's idea, they already did. Still, Braiden could swing dance to his hearts desire, and the poster he designed could rest safely on his blog.

It's Not Ours

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From the Clouds - Jack Johnson

More specifically, right here.

Flyin' through the 50s

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Looking for a toy your grandparents may appreciate more than the child you're buying it for?

I'm just kidding.

Used this project to learn how to use pen tool with masking. Very useful tool. I tried to give the ad a retro feel, in relation to the toy itself. The colors limited me, however. All in all, it turned out well enough.

Nothing Endures but Change

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The widely quoted, but little known greek philosopher Heraclitus coined the proverb "Nothing endures but change."
As time goes on styles, preferences and ideas all change. This is necessary for a healthy, progressing society. It's up to designers to facilitate this change, and keep society alive.
At least, that's what this poster says. This was a project we used to learn how to use quick mask. We were given all the type, but had our own choice on  pictures, theme, and overall design.


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 Typography project we were working with last semester. Our teacher gave us a few arbitrary words that we had to pick from, and then base a design around the whole thing using only type. So, the two words I chose were: Tension and Congestion

"They Didn't Write Songs About Volvos"

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Don't get too excited, this doesn't exist. Another project to play with resampling, borders, and the like. We had to pick something we could track through the ages, and create a poster presenting an exhibit about it.
I grew up with my uncle and grandfather fixing up vintage Mustangs, but I always preferred the Corvette. If I had a million dollars, the 1950's model in the corner would be mine.

A Trip to the Zoo

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Quick photoshop project we were given. We had to throw together a postcard for the LA Zoo given pictures and the body copy. Not terribly proud of my type, but hey, it looks pretty good overall.